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K66 Nik Baker Windsurfing

K66 are the UK representatives for the windsurfing brands, Fanatic, North, ION and Northshore Fins. Our aim is to provide helpful information for all, whether you're a more experienced windsurfer looking to up your game, or stepping on a board for the first time and need some handy tips and advice.

The company was set up in 2009 by former Windsurfing world champion Nik Baker. Nik's continued commitment to the sport is evident to all who attend his demo's or just meet him on the circuit.
Nik and the team are dedicated to making windsurfing and paddleboarding along with other board sports accessible to all and invite you be apart of the K66 family.

Throughout the year, the team take the latest kit to all four corners of the UK, attending events, setting up demonstrations and providing equipment to be tried and tested.

The K66 website has the latest information on what’s going on in your local areas and where you can find your nearest dealers and clubs. Check out our news paper 'Word On The Water' for up and coming events, national stories and news on our windsurfing hero’s as they compete on the UK and international circuit.
You can read about the K66 team on the info pad or kick back and catch up on the latest windsurfing DVD's on K66 TV.

We want to  make  your  experience on  and  off the  water enjoyable and
fulfilling and if you can’t find the information that you are looking for on the website, then
pick up the phone and give us a call.