K66 Kite Team

Holly Kennedy

Competitive, yet fun and personable I have always pushed myself to excel in the areas that I enjoy most. I achieved early success as the Scottish Gymnastics champion and senior school athletics winner. But more extreme sports were already part of my family background with both dad and brother seriously into big wave windsurfing and ultimately enjoying the exhilarating challenge of kitesurfing. My brother encouraged me to start. After that I was hooked! Upon finishing school I took on kitesurfing competitively and have been kitesurfing for now 7 years.

Connor Bainbridge

I started windsurfing when I was 9. At 16 I joined the British Olympic Senior Windsurfing Team, competing & travelling around the world. At the beginning of 2015 I left the Team and with the help of North Kiteboarding turned my sights to competing on the Formula Kite Tour. After a steep learning curve, I finished 12th at the World Championships in 2015.

Lee ‘Pasty’ Harvey

Born and bred Cornishman, Lee has been surfing since age 5 and sailing since age 8 before progressing onto windsurfing and kitesurfing.
After travelling the World for many years, Lee can now be found in the depths of Cornwall where he runs his kiteschool, Pasty Adventures and is always hunting the biggest waves and riding whichever craft is most suited to the conditions.
Competing on the Kitesurf Wave World Tour since 2008, he is the current British Kitesurf Wave Champion as well as top Kite Foil racer.

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