K66 Surf Team

Nathan Carter

Cornish surfer who loves longboards, shortboards, paddleboards, fishboards, eggboards, kiteboards and searching for cold, remote waves of consequence and solitude…. Never answers his phone as he’s usually at the bottom of a cliff somewhere….

Andrew Griffin

Surfing is and always has been my life… I have a cool little family in Cornwall and I work for myself as website developer, so I get to surf when I want… which is most of the time!

Taz Knight

My name is Taz Knight, I’m 19 from North Devon, England. I’m a professional surfer and full time student, studying physics at Bristol University. Every spare moment i have is spent in search of the biggest barrels i can find.

Josh Le Marquand

Some competitive results in career:
Channel Island champion
5th in Europe
Junior European champion
Junior British Champion

Favourite wave
Noosa Heads, Queensland Australia

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